Felicia Petrone, LCSW


Hello! I'm Felicia, a Licensed Clinical Social worker and the founder of Feel Alive Therapy LCSW P.C.  I graduated from Sacred Heart University in 2012 with my Bachelor's degree in Social Work and from Adelphi University with my Master's degree in Social Work in 2013.  I have practiced in varying mental health and substance use settings over the past nine years.  I have worked in an outpatient clinic, residential treatment center, admissions department, and hospital setting. I have training and experience in using various therapeutic approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, narrative therapy, strength-based therapy, trauma-informed care, perinatal mood disorders, family systems therapy, and positive psychology to name a few.  I provide services for teens, adolescents, and adults. My work-related and personal life experiences have shaped my skill set to be one in which I find to be flexible, creative, and responsive.  Working with people in the context of therapy is my passion. I strive to empower my clients and to assist them in developing a greater sense of self-esteem and confidence.  Therapy is not a "one size fits all" ordeal and I truly believe it is critical to actively listen to each and every one of my client's needs and goals. This technique allows people to grow and make the necessary changes they need to make in order to live a healthier and productive life. 

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Amanda Ruiz, LMSW

Hi there! My name is Amanda and I am a Licensed Master Social Worker.  I am a graduate of Adelphi University’s Social Work program where I earned both my Bachelor's degree (2018) and Master's degree in 2019.  I had a late start in my academic pursuits for I was busy gaining life experience, working, and raising my family.  My experiences in mental health include working with socially anxious children and adolescents, a residential group home for teenage youth, and a psychiatric hospital setting. I have been trained in various therapeutic approaches throughout my internship experiences. Social Work is not just a career, it’s a calling.  My life experience and education have empowered me to help empower others.  Each and every client who has made the decision to seek help deserves to be heard, respected, and provided with a safe space in which to explore their feelings, emotions and build the strength and skill set they seek.  As an active listener and “out of the box” thinker, I strive to help my client find peace, clarity, and joy in their lives.

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My name is Christina Siegel, I’m a bilingual licensed clinical social worker with 10 years of experience in the field. I’m Cuban American south Florida native. I received my Bachelor's degree in sociology in 2009 and my Master's degree in social work from Barry University in 2010. I then moved to NY where I have been living since. I worked half of my career providing outpatient mental health therapy to individuals and families and have spent the last 5 years working in an inpatient psychiatric hospital. I’m a firm believer that no one is exempt from needing therapy at one point in their life and there is no shame in taking care of your mental health.  It is essential to give mental health the same respect we give to our physical health. The majority of my work has been focused on cognitive behavioral therapy with adolescents and adults. I’ve treated individuals struggling with various needs; adjustment disorder, loss, trauma, psychosis, separation/divorce, and family conflict. If you’ve thought about getting therapy I encourage you to take the risk and If you’ve been to therapy and had a poor experience I encourage you to try again. 

Christina Siegel, LCSWR

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Hello! My name is Brittany Oelschlager, I am a Licensed Master Social Worker.  I graduated in May 2021 from Stony Brook University.  I spent 5 years working in the advertising space before switching gears and going back to school to obtain my social work degree when I realized helping people and working with others is truly where my passions lie.  I have experienced my own trauma through 9/11/01, which has guided my practice to be extremely trauma-informed and compassionate to all people.  I have experience working in a middle school setting with children ages 10-15 as well as Veterans at the VAMC.  I offer individual, couples, family, and group therapy.  My specialties are in PTSD, coping with anxiety, increasing positives/decreasing negatives, depression, life transitions, and bereavement. I am extremely genuine and take a compassionate approach to my practice while working on incorporating evidence practice-based approaches for treatment.  I believe therapy is not a one-size-fits-all, and we can work together as a team to help navigate through the ups and downs life offers.


          Brittany Oelschlager, LMSW

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Kristen Goldfarb, LMSW

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Greetings! My name is Kristen and I am a Licensed Master Social Worker. I graduated with Bachelors degrees in Social Work and Criminal Justice in 2018 and went on to pursue a Masters degree in Social Work at Stony Brook University - where I graduated from in 2020. Throughout my internships and social work career thus far, I have been able to gain experience working with underserved and indigent populations, those criminally involved in the legal system, individuals with mental health, substance use, developmental disabilities, and co-occurring disorders. I have worked with this array of populations in the context of an inpatient psychiatric setting, incarceration, the criminal court system, and reintegration back into the community. I believe it’s important to look at an individual not only from the perception of what they are presenting with but in the context of their environment and intertwined systems. I recognize that working through personal and life struggles in therapy can create a level of discomfort. It’s my goal as a therapist to create an open, creative and mindful environment for individuals to find comfort in sitting in their discomfort.


Brianna Kline, LMSW

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Hello! I'm Brianna, a Licensed Master Social Worker. I am an Adelphi University graduate receiving my BSW in 2018 and my MSW in 2019. I have experience working in schools, non-profits, and medical settings. I spent two years as an in-home therapist servicing youth with severe emotional and behavioral disturbances and now currently work full-time in the field of substance use. I’ve worked with many different populations, including ages ranging from adolescents to geriatrics, LGBTQ+, family caregivers, substance abuse, and victims of domestic violence & sexual assault, just to name a few. I have training in CBT, motivational interviewing, family therapy, trauma-informed care, and continue researching and learning new techniques to best serve my clients and their needs.

Most importantly, I treat clients from a strengths perspective and give them the tools to feel empowered in their daily lives. My personal and professional experience has helped me understand real-world problems affecting us all and molded my passion for working in this field. I believe that no person should compare their problems to someone else’s regardless of whether or not they feel the other person’s problems are “more serious.” I’m here to say that your problems matter because they belong to you and deserve to be taken just as seriously as anyone else’s. Through our collaborative efforts, I look forward to listening and learning from my clients as we embark on a journey to self-discovery.


Kaitlyn McDonald, LMSW

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Hello, my name is Kaitlyn McDonald! I am a Licensed Master Social Worker, and I graduated from Stony Brook School of Social Welfare in 2021. I have a warm, collaborative and client-centered approach to therapy. I am especially passionate about working with the LGBTQ+ community and clients struggling with disordered eating and body image issues. I enjoy working with adults, adolescents, and children, and I have experience working in a domestic violence agency, a wellness program for older and low-income adults, as well as private practice. I work with clients with depression, anxiety, ADHD, autism, and other mental health concerns by helping to identify a client’s unique strengths in order to successfully navigate life’s many challenges. In my work, I use cognitive behavioral therapy, strengths-based therapy, psychodynamic therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, play therapy, and a solution-focused lens to help my clients achieve their goals. Beginning therapy is a powerful act of self-care, and as your therapist, I will meet you where you are to support you in your journey.