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5 Tips for Managing Daily Anxiety

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Hi All –

Happy Holiday season!

Welcome to the Feel Alive Therapy LCSW P.C.’s first blog post! Below we have 5 tips for managing daily anxiety during this time of year.

My name is Brittany Oelschlager, LMSW. I am Feel Alive Therapy’s newest practitioner and resident blogger. I am joined at this incredible company by our founder, Felicia Petrone, LCSW, and two other amazing practitioners, Amanda Ruiz, LMSW and Christina, LCSW-R.

The past two years have been extremely challenging for each and every one of us during this unprecedented time. We have all lived during these crazy pandemic times, we’ve lived through uncertainty and constant changes. The everchanging directions on how to stay safe, not seeing loved ones, vaccines, and then vaccine mandates. It is no wonder our lives feel anxious waiting for the next stressful situation to arise from the infamous COVID-19.

Since September 2021, it feels nice to have a bit of the old normalcy back, such as getting back to in-person appointments in the office and attending Thanksgiving the other day with my entire family made my heart so warm after not spending the holidays with them last year. It reminded me what the Holiday really means to be Thankful for.

Each day things can change during this time, which makes our anxiety increased. The new, old normal doesn’t mean we are back to how we were two years ago, our bodies and minds are different after this turbulent two years.

If you’re struggling with some anxiety, that’s totally okay, we all are! See the 5 tips below on how to manage anxiety during these unprecedented times.

1. Take a deep breath

By taking a deep breath, this allows you to gather your thoughts better, in a time where your body is in fight or flight it will help you bring your nervous system back down. I always recommend taking 5 deep breaths and counting to 5 with a pause before releasing it out.

2. Move your body, move your mind

This one might be my favorite. Take a walk to the mailbox, the dog for a walk around the block, put that treadmill to use or just walk up and down the stairs to move your body. By moving our bodies, it will create movement in your mind to stop ruminating on those intrusive thoughts.

3. Maintain a positive attitude

A positive attitude can be hard to focus on, but when you decrease the negatives and increase the positives you can start to see the positive side of things.

4. Journaling

Getting those thoughts out of your head can be super helpful when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Writing down your worries and stressors can get it out of your body and you’ll be able to walk away from it, knowing it’s out of your head and on the paper now.

5. Use thought distractions

Distract yourself. When you’re busy, you’re less likely to be thinking of what’s worrying you. You will spend less time focused on it when you’re focused on something else, thought distractions can be; picking up a book, going for a walk or run, or calling a friend!

If you’re still struggling with your anxiety after trying some of these skills out, contact us to set up a session, were here looking to help you where we can. ❤️

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