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5 ways to build confidence

Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Hi All – Happy March! We are almost to Spring; the days are getting longer, and new beginnings are blossoming both in the ground and in the air. I may be biased, but springtime is my favorite season; there are possibilities to look forward to and warmer weather on the horizon! For our fourth blog, I thought I would look into confidence. What exactly is confidence? For this blog, I thought we would focus on self-confidence, our trust in our own abilities, qualities, and judgment. Building confidence can be difficult, but we can achieve all our goals with daily practice.

We work on small changes over time in therapy, and building confidence holds the same idea. Below you will find five confidence-building ideas that are simple and easy to integrate into your lifestyle.

  1. Walk tall, smile, and look others in the eyes – this reminds me of the saying “dress for success” or “fake it ‘tilll you make it.” The truth is, no one knows what they’re doing, spoiler alert – WE’RE ALL HUMAN. But hold your head high, walk tall and smile through life, and you’ll look like a million bucks!

  2. Each day, create one small task to stretch beyond your comfort zone – This one can be challenging, but it is residing in the mindset of “be comfortable in the uncomfortable.” There will always be our hard boundaries of no, but sometimes taking a small step outside of that comfort zone will help us reach our long-term goals. One step in front of the other will get you to the other side; no matter how fast or slow you go, you just have to keep stepping!

  3. Be positive – Easier said than done, right? But a positive mindset is imperative for confidence building, even if it’s integrating one positive thought a day. Here is one of my favorite quotes, “A beautiful day begins with a beautiful mindset” I love it because sometimes flipping the narrative is what we need to see not all things are gloomy. I talk about changing the narrative and thoughts often in sessions; we’re not fortune tellers to know how things will turn out, so finding the positive in every day is important to practice and remember we have survived 100% of our bad days, so far!

  4. Change one small habit daily -- This one is a fun one; ever want to change something in your life you don’t like or want to improve upon? Such as getting up earlier? Well, my friend, the power is actually all in your control. Set that alarm for five minutes earlier each morning and slowly make changes towards that goal one day at a time. Want to eat better? Start with one snack a day, then increase to one meal. Before you know it, you’re three meals and all your snacks eating healthier. It’s much easier to build confidence when you set small goals each day you can hit!

  5. Declutter your living and workspace – I know I could certainly use this one. Something about spring cleaning makes this one top of my list. When we declutter old things from our environment that no longer serve us, it allows the space for new energy and opportunities to come into our lives, allowing us to grow and build confidence from new experiences.

These are some helpful tips for building confidence; if you’re looking for more confidence tips or ways to grow, reach out to us and schedule your appointment today, we’re here to help you!

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